Liter Or Litre

Kitchen liter cup

Liter vs litre: which is the correct spelling? Read this if you can’t decide whether to use liter or litre.

Sometimes it can be just confusing to use liter as a volume measurement unit instead of pint, quart or gallon. But then you bump into these two different spellings.

So which is the correct one: liter or litre?

Liter Vs. Litre – The Answer Is Easy

Well, this is not a tough question. In reality, both liter and litre are correct spellings. The only difference is as follows:

  • Liter is the American spelling
  • Litre is the UK English spelling

And both refer to the same volume. One of the basic units in the SI system, the liter, litre, or l.

So when in doubt, use instead the abbreviation l, and you can’t go wrong!