Rice grams to tablespoons conversion table & calculator

Easily convert any measurement of rice grams to tablespoons (tbsp) with this online calculator.

Measuring your rice by weight (grams instead of tablespoons) provides more accurate results in cooking. But sometimes you need to convert gram measurement to tbsp measurement. Please note that rice grams to tbsp conversion vary by room temperature, type of rice etc. But by using these conversion rates you can’t go wrong.

When we are talking about converting rice from grams to tablespoons, we refer to regular white rice, a smaller grain type rice used most frequently in western cooking. For different rice types you can get different conversion rates. Scroll down to see rice grams to tbsp conversion for other types of rice.

13 grams of white rice = 1 tablespoon.

Online white rice grams to tablespoons calculator

Simply type in the grams (g) measurement of your white rice that you want to convert to tablespoons. Then click the “Convert rice grams to tbsp” button, and you’ll instantly get the measurement in tablespoons.

Convert rice grams to tbsp

Convert rice grams to tbsp

Regular white rice grams to tbsp conversion table

Long grain rice grams (g) Measurement in tablespoons
50 g 3 tbsp
100 g 7 1/2 tbsp
125 g 9 1/2 tbsp
150 g 11 1/2 tbsp
200 g 15 1/3 tbsp
250 g 19 tbsp
300 g 23 tbsp
350 g 26 2/3 tbsp
400 g 30 1/2 tbsp
450 g 34 1/3 tbsp
500 g 38 tbsp
600 g 45 2/3 tbsp
700 g 53 1/3 tbsp
800 g 61 tbsp
900 g 68 1/2 tbsp
1000 g 76 tbsp

Notes To Converting Rice Grams To Tablespoons

The weight of one tbsp of rice vary roughly between 13 and 14 grams. We rounded the tbsp values in order to convert them into imperial notation.

When using rice, it is not that important to have exact quantities. You won’t really notice any difference if using 13 or 14 grams of rice, no matter what type.

So simply using 13 grams as the weight of one tablespoon for rice will do the job.