Convert Cups To Grams

Kitchen scale grams

Easily convert cups to grams. Learn how much is 1 cup in grams; 2 cups; 1/2 cup; 1/3 cups etc. Flour, butter, sugar, milk, water, cocoa powder.

How To Convert Cups To Grams

You need to know that there is no such thing as general conversion rate from cups to grams. It depends on the actual ingredient you want to measure.

As a rule of thumb, 1 US cup is 240 grams of water; 1 UK cup is 250 grams of water. This applies to most liquids used in the kitchen, e.g. milk, buttermilk.

Find links below to the most searched for cups to grams conversion tools on this website, or scroll down to look up the most common cups to grams conversion values for your ingredients.

Most Searched For Cups To Grams Conversions

Here you can find the most searched for kitchen ingredients converted from cups to grams.

Please note that gram rounded to the nearest integer.

1/8 Cup To Grams

Water30 grams
Flour16 grams
Sugar25 grams
Butter28 grams
Milk30 grams
Cocoa powder13 grams

1/4 Cup To Grams

Water60 grams
Flour31 grams
Sugar50 grams
Butter57 grams
Milk60 grams
Cocoa powder25 grams

1/3 Cup To Grams

Water80 grams
Flour42 grams
Sugar67 grams
Butter75 grams
Milk80 grams
Cocoa powder33 grams

1/2 Cup To Grams

Water120 grams
Flour63 grams
Sugar100 grams
Butter114 grams
Milk120 grams
Cocoa powder50 grams

1 Cup To Grams

Water240 grams
Flour125 grams
Sugar200 grams
Butter227 grams
Milk240 grams
Cocoa powder100 grams

2 Cups To Grams

Water480 grams
Flour250 grams
Sugar400 grams
Butter454 grams
Milk480 grams
Cocoa powder200 grams

3 Cups To Grams

Water720 grams
Flour375 grams
Sugar600 grams
Butter681 grams
Milk720 grams
Cocoa powder300 grams

4 Cups To Grams

Water960 grams
Flour500 grams
Sugar800 grams
Butter908 grams
Milk960 grams
Cocoa powder400 grams

5 Cups To Grams

Water1200 grams
Flour625 grams
Sugar1000 grams
Butter1135 grams
Milk1200 grams
Cocoa powder500 grams