1 Cup of Regular Rice in Grams

1 cup of regular rice in grams

Regular rice is a very popular middle eastern side dish, and you can find regular rice as an ingredient in many recipes. Unfortunately though, instructions can be misleading sometimes. You are often given cup measurements when you only have a scale or vice versa.

Here we give you the exact conversion rate if you want to measure 1 cup of regular rice in grams. This way you can make sure that you always use the right amount.

1 cup of regular rice = 200 grams.

You can safely use 205 g for 1 cup, see the notes below.

Regular Rice Cups to Grams Conversion Table

Regular Rice in CupsMeasurement in grams
1/8 cup25 g
1/4 cup50 g
1/3 cup67 g
3/8 cup75 g
1/2 cup100 g
5/8 cup125 g
2/3 cup133 g
3/4 cup150 g
7/8 cup175 g
1 cup200 g
1 1/2 cups300 g
2 cups400 g
3 cups600 g
4 cups800 g
5 cups1000 g
6 cups1200 g
7 cups1400 g
8 cups1600 g
9 cups1800 g
10 cups2000 g

Notes To Measuring Regular Rice

  • In most recipes, it is not that important to use the exact amount of regular rice. You can usually use a couple grams more or less, it won’t make a real difference in the dish.
  • Different types of regular rice can be very different. How much is exactly 1 cup of regular rice in grams can vary based on how big the grains of your regular rice are and other factors.
  • All gram values are rounded to the nearest integer value.
  • g is the abbreviation of gram.
  • No kitchen scale is precise to 1 gram, so you are always free to err 1-2 grams when measuring regular rice.
  • You can definitely round your gram values when measuring regular rice.
  • We actually measured out 1 cup of regular rice to see how much it weighs in grams. This way you can be sure, that by using our website, you always get the correct data.